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Intensity vs Tehnique

By on May 18, 2015

What is the difference between physical training, studying a technique and drilling? For example, we worked out a certain sweep today, how could we understand if it was a drill or a mastering of technique? Isn’t it the same?

A satori knocked me out today:

When you study a technique, technical aspect should prevails there, not an intensity.

When you drill there is technical aspect AND intensity.

When you working out your physical training, intensity is your priority.

Intensive work without technical accent is useless when you study a technique.

Intense drilling with the wrong technique is useless, as well as technically perfect drilling without intensity. The result appears only in aggregation of both intensity and technique.

Physical training without intensity… what is it supposed to be?

Two basic ideas appears basing on this:

(A) Be clear about what is your goal or what exact task your instructor give you. Focus on technique when the work is supposed to be technical. When he says to drill, right technique AND intensity should be your priority. NEVER AMUSE YOURSELF with explanations, discussions or verbal bug fixing with your partner while drilling. All drilling time should be spent for working out only; it could mean maximum of repetitions or maximum efforts of overcoming partner’s resistance. However when it is strength & conditioning time, just go harder.

(B) The intensity is an amount of work done in a unit of time. It could be different: high, medium or low. Instructor has to determine intensity for you to perform. A simpler technique typically presumes higher intensity and vice versa.

P.S. A correct technique is a part of conditioning or strength workout also certainly, but this is another topic.

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